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Our Story 

Bains Wholefoods was established in Australia in 1986, originally known as K&S Foods. Kris & Sonney Bains first came to this country with a dream to share the incredible benefits of a plant based superfood used in the Indian culture for centuries – chickpeas. K&S Foods was created and set out with a vision to create chickpea based snacks and eventually spread a part of their own cultural heritage into all Australian homes.

K&S began from humble beginnings, with the couple creating products at home where they continued perfecting and building upon their unique original recipe. As Australians started to discover and enjoy the taste of K&S products and understand the health benefits of chickpeas, the brand grew exponentially, from a small set up to the state of the art manufacturing business it is today. The growth of K&S allowed Kris and Sonney to continue expanding their product range to over 25 different varieties.

With the addition of their son, Kieren Bains to the business, Bains Wholefoods is born. What was once the dream of a young couple, has now become a renowned family owned business and tribute to the family name. In the last few years, under Kieren’s leadership, K&S has built partnerships across various manufacturing and distribution channels and aims to continue the growth and success both locally and internationally through Bains wholefoods.

As one of the leaders in snack food manufacturing and distribution, 2020 sees K&S Foods rebranded to Bains Wholefoods, and while the packaging is changing, you can still expect the same great taste from locally sourced Australian grown ingredients, continued nutritious health benefits,  all created by a family business built on an authentic recipe since 1986 and the knowledge that comes from 34 years in the industry.









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